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Life Lessons

My grandmother used to always say "give me my flowers while I'm still alive."

 So I did what any grandson would do and I started ordering her flowers and sending them to her. In one breath she would say they were beautiful and then say they made her house stink. I was confused. She asked for flowers and then complained about receiving them.

 I came to understand that she was not looking for flowers. Like all of us she just wanted to be acknowledged. 

Before I moved to Atlanta we spent a lot of time together.  We shopped and laughed until we cried. 

When she passed away I had no regrets because of the time we shared.

The memories I have of her are far more valuable than any gift I could purchase. 

So give your loved ones their flowers while you can. Tell them you love them and spend time with them.  

Don't assume they know how you feel. Life is too short and time goes by so fast.  

Don't wait until you're standing at their grave to tell them.  

Give them their flowers while they can appreciate it.  


Chinua Hawk

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