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Photo by Leland Holder www.lelandonlocation.com

$2 From every sale of Waiting on Christmas is going to support our friends @ Heart for Africa. 


 Waiting on Christmas  The new holiday album by Chinua Hawk

 $15.90 Includes shipping and handling (Domestic US Only) 

 *Additional cost for International Shipping

Track Listing

1. The Most Wonderful Time featuring Jamie    Portee & Sho Baraka                      (C.Hawk/J.Portee/A.Baraka)

2. Christmas Time is Here          (V.Guaraldi/L.Mendelson)

3. Waiting on Christmas                          (C.Hawk/J.Portee)

4. The First Noel                                                        (Public Domain)

5. The Christmas Song                             (M.Torme/B.Wells)

6.This Christmas                                                     (McKinnor/D.Pitts)

7. Christmas Without You                  C.Hawk/J.D.Carter)

8. Silent Night featuring TANN & Candi Shelton  (Public Domain)

9. O'Holy Night                                                     (Public Domain)   

10.Back in the Day featuring Obie One B.A. (C.Hawk/O.Hawk/B.Hamilton)

11.Baby it's Cold Outside featuring Chantae Cann

(Frank Loesser)

Waiting on Christmas- Album Credits

Executive Producer: Chinua Hawk

Produced & Arranged by: Jamie Portee & Joseph Patrick Moore                                                                   Additional Production: Brandon "Blue" Hamilton for Bassie Blue Productions (Track 10)  & Trey Roth (Track 11)

Engineers:  Jamie Portee & Joseph Patrick Moore

Assistant Engineers:  Brent Maloney, Drew Amandolia, Ethan Jones & Jered Shuerman

Additional Engineering: Brandon Hamilton (Track 10) & Trey Roth (Track 11)

 Mixed by: Jamie Portee @ Jammonline Studios (Tracks 1,2,3,5 & 10), Joseph Patrick Moore @ Blue Canoe Digital Studios (Tracks 8 & 9), Jered Shuerman @ The Murray Sound Lab (Tracks 4,6 & 7) & Trey Roth (Track 11)

  Mastering: Trey Roth www.TreyRoth.com

Studios: The Murray Sound Lab, Kennesaw Georgia (Tracks 1-8 & 11) Jan Smith Studios, Atlanta Georgia (Track 10),  Blue Canoe Digital, White Georgia (Track 9) & Jammonline Studios, Alpharetta Georgia (Track 1)

Musicians: Jamie Portee: Piano & Rhodes (Tracks 1-9),

Matt Cusson: Piano (Track 11),

Joseph Patrick Moore: Acoustic, Fretless & Electric Bass (Tracks 1-9),

Sam Sims: Electric Bass (Track 11),

Brandon "Blue" Hamilton: All instruments (Track 10),

Jonathan Shelton: Acoustic & Electric Guitar (Tracks 3,4,7 & 8),

Chris Blackwell: Electric Guitar (Tracks 1 & 11),

Dan Baraszu: Acoustic Guitars (Track 9),

Rick Watford: Electric Guitar (Track 6),

 Ken "K.C." Chatman: Drums (Tracks 4 & 5),

Nate Robinson: Drums (Tracks 2,6 & 7),

Antwane Mcmullin: Drums/Cajone/Sleighbells (Tracks 3,6,8 & 11),

The Good Times Brass Band, Melvin Jones (Trumpet), Mike Burton (Sax), Wilbert Williams (Trombone): (Tracks 1,2,5 & 6),

Ron James: Sax (Track 11),

Lee King: Trumpet (Track 11),

Melvin Jones: Trumpet (Track 11), 

Dexter King: Strings (Track 11) 

 Vocalists & Arrangers

Jarrett Johnson: Singer/Vocal Arrangements  (Tracks 3 & 7)  

Jamie Portee: Singer/Vocal Arrangements (Tracks 1,4 & 5)  (Guest Artist)

Joni Portee: Vocal Arrangements (Track 1) 

Chantae Cann: (Tracks 4,5 & 11)  (Guest Artist)

Candi Shelton: (Track 8)  (Guest Artist)

TANN: (Track 8) (Guest Artist) 

Kickstarter Choir & Friends (Track 11) 

Sho Baraka: Rap (Track 1) (Featured Artist) 

Obie One B.A.: Rap (Track 10) (Featured Artist) 

Photography: Leland and Lynn Holder  www.lelandonlocation.com

Graphic Design: Ashley D. Hill www.ashley-danielle.com




Copyright Chinua Hawk 2019