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Chinua Hawk has been invited by the Catholic Diocese of Taiwan to perform several concerts in Taichung, Taiwan and a few other cities.  Chinua will also visit several schools and Catholic Parishes. Stay tuned to Chinua"s Road Journal for pictures and updates on this amazing trip.

Chinua Hawk is heading to Taiwan to perform for the first time.

A Stephen Hunton Photo www.stephenhunton.com  

A Stephen Hunton Photo www.stephenhunton.com 


$2 from the sale of every CD will go to help Heart for Africa and the orphans of Swaziland Africa.         
$2 from the sale of every CD will go to help Heart for Africa and the orphans of Swaziland Africa.



On November 29, 2013 (Black Friday) Chinua Hawk will be releasing his fifth studio album Waiting on Christmas.This album has been in the making for many years and we are excited to finally present it to you. This very special CD now exists because of YOU, the fans. You all came together and supported Chinua's kickstarter campaign in a major way to make this album a reality.  

Produced by Jamie Portee & Joseph Patrick Moore these songs weave in and out of different genre's of music including pop, soul, jazz, R & B and acoustic. Some of Atlanta's most amazing musicians not only brought their "A" game to the project but also a great spirit of family and friendship that you can feel as you listen to this new CD Waiting on Christmas.


Chinua would like you all to know that when you buy this CD you are not just getting a Christmas CD, you are also supporting an incredible organization called Heart for Africa.  Chinua traveled to Swaziland Africa with some friends to see and participate in the great work Heart for Africa is doing.  

As an Uncle to fifteen nieces, nephews and three God Children, Chinua has always had a special place in his heart for children. Supporting Heart for Africa is a great fit for Chinua. 

$2 from the sale of every Waiting on Christmas CD will go to help support my friends at Heart for Africa.  

So know that with each CD you purchase you are giving an incredible gift to Heart for Africa to help with the day to day expenses like, diapers, food, clothing, medications etc for the babies of The El Roi Baby Home.


 Why Heart for Africa-Chinua Hawk

Chinua Hawk with some of the Students of Ebholi Primary School

Chinua Hawk with some of the Students of Ebholi Primary School

In July 2011 I embarked on a journey from Atlanta Georgia to Swaziland Africa. I had many reservations about the trip but my curiosity won out. My questions had to be answered. You see I have spent most of my life feeling like I had nothing to offer the world unless I was singing. So I wondered why me? Why this trip?

 I was  a pretty broken person when I got on that plane bound for Johannesburg. So many thoughts filled my head on that flight, from my physical limitations due being over weight to worrying that I didn't have the finances to truly be effective. 

 I did not realize until that trip that I have always associated being able to give with being financially wealthy.

 I even wondered how I would feel as an African American arriving on the continent of Africa. Would I feel like I was home? Would I feel connected to the people in some deep ancestral way?  I just didn't know. 

I was consumed with "me" until the day that I and my Team 8 arrived at the Ebholi Primary School.

One look at those children and all of my concerns and questions were gone. They were not any different than my own nieces and nephews.  They just needed love and to be cared for.  We played games with the children and helped to build an essential garden filled with nourishing vegetables. The smiles on the faces of those children were priceless and unforgettable.  I remember thinking how can they smile so much when they do not have parents and are lacking some of life's basic necessities? Everywhere I looked there was something that needed to be fixed.



This tiny Kingdom of Swaziland is about the size of New Jersey with problems as big as the ocean we flew across to get there. Seventy percent unemployment rate, over forty percent of the population infected with HIV/AIDS and there are countless orphans that desperately need love and care.  I found myself getting exhausted trying to figure out how I can help solve all of these problems with no money and not a lot of influence.  As I thought and prayed about this trip I realized that we were there to be Gods hands and feet, not to be God.  Our shoulders are not strong enough to carry that weight.  

It is for all of these reasons and these lessons that I LOVE supporting Heart for Africa.  They are supporting the local economy, creating jobs and helping to provide food and support to at least 28 local churches.  They are creating services that do not exist in Swaziland like the El Roi Baby Home.  They are currently caring for over forty babies.

I knew that eventually God would show me a way I could use the gift he's blessed me with to be a blessing to others. 

So I will be donating $2 from every Waiting on Christmas CD we sell to Heart for Africa to help with their day to day cost of caring for the babies.  Know that when you purchase this CD you are helping to provide diapers, food, clothing, medication and much more to some sweet little babies a whole continent away that need your help, love and prayers.

Meet the babies of El Roi

Meet the babies of El Roi

Once it is available, I encourage you to buy multiple copies of this CD for your friends and family. Let them know that this is so much bigger than just a Christmas CD. 

Thank you so much for your support. 

Much Love and Merry Christmas (Early) :-)

Chinua Hawk



On the last day of recording Waiting on Christmas, Chinua invited some of his kickstarter backers and fans to come to the studio to sing on one of the songs.  There was so much love and positive energy in the room.


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